Fully Mobile Display/Showroom unit


  20ft Shipping container

  2 of 10ft bi-folding doors

  Double width entrance with stairway

  Fully Double glazed recessed frontage

  8ft German Built shop awning for strength.

  Matching kick board faccia

  2 of 10ft, lit display panels

  Full electrics with external commando socket

  Fully insulated against both heat and cold

  Fully paneled

  Choice of flooring

  Fully branded

  Complete with galvanised steel trailer

  No need for expensive HiAb/Craned transport

  No Off-loading

  The AR20/FSAT is the ideal marketing tool, enabling your product to reach a far wider audience nationally or internationally. The unit can be equally at home in the exhibition hall or at an outdoor trade fair or supermarket car park. If required for retail purposes we can even fit WiFi to enable your computer or EPOS system. On it's own dedicated trailer the unit can be towed by a standard car allowing greater access to restricted sites. Set up time 15 mins.



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