The Multiform adapts to various exhibition plot sizes, allowing flexible marketing.

Fully branded, the 10ft x 8ft shipping container can be set up in one hour.

Advertise en route and create a stir in the trade show prior to set up.

Flexibility means low rental prices, or the perfect unit for purchase




Floor panels fold down on gas struts

Creates a presence as large as 625 sq ft, or small as 145 sq ft.

All stand equipment is stowed inside. No team carrying elements through the arena. 




Corner panels complete the floor area.

All elements simply unpack and set out the unit.

Simply plug in for sound, light, video, refrigeration of those all important welcome drinks.






ARKITAINER ROSTRUM... add's a little colour



Our Client asked us to develop an exhibition entertaining space for existing and potential customers of a high profile brand. Our job was to develop a unit that at once was exclusive, but at the same time demonstrated accessibility. In addition the unit should be both strong on brand and create a sense of drama.








Constructed from a 40' shipping container, this unit when in transit and at the venue, looks exactly like the product packaging box (only 40 ft long). The unit sits in the venue gathering interest until, at the press of a button, music, lights, a little dry ice, and the sides and end fold out automatically to reveal a fully staffed bar, with champagne flute chandeliers and tables, faux leather furniture, and the outer elements faced with wooden original packing cases.

Different branding, colours, furniture, bar even.... sound and lighting..? well... New Orleans Blues Bar, Sushi Restaurant, American diner... Arkitainer ROSTRUM can create your ideal space.

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