You have your company image, you know your target demographic and no doubt have some well thought out ideas with regard to the style, the philosophy that shapes your brand, and what will appeal to your audience.

If you have it all covered we are happy to build to specification. Should you not, you might like to know that Arkitainer ROSTRUM also offer a free design consultation service, as well as all the other benefits offered by ARKITAINER.

The team have extensive experience in their individual technical fields as well as exhibitions, trade shows and the stageing of show productions. So much so that it is easier to start with the premis that anything is possible.


lego bricks      

•  Building with containers is extremely cost effective. To remain so, it is a good

   idea to think in terms of regulation (ISO) container sizes (the block with 4 dots

   on, the one with 8 dots on, and the 16 dot block) which can be used in any

   combination. Walls can go up, down, sideways, ceilings and floors the same.




Then simply add a little Arkitainer ROSTRUM design, and a few touches

from the Audio Visual Effects Team (in AR speak, "calling A VET"), and

the impossible, if perception is reality, is possible.



Please take your time and have a good look around, you may find some inspiration. Then wherever you are in the process either call, email or fill in the contact us form. Arkitainer ROSTRUM can help at any stage, and are happy to discuss your project with you. Needless to say, the better we understand what your company is all about, the better we are able to offer some very real and exciting solutions, tailor made to you.


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